Our innovative pest control service is guaranteed to get rid of your insect problems, while our protection services make sure your home is always protected.

We take great satisfaction in being the local leaders in the pest control sector. Throughout our five decades in business, we've continued to build on and use the expertise of our professional, highly trained technical staff, who follow stringent, goal-oriented procedures developed through years of real-world experience to recognize, address, and prevent pest-related issues.

This expertise is unmatched in the industry. Hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, catering services, hospitals, supermar- kets, showrooms, and other establish- ments are among the places where we offer pest control services

  • Fast Pest Removal
  • One-Time Extermination
  • Licensed & Protected
  • Eco Friendly Technologies

Our Philosophy

Your safety and health are our priority. That’s why our technicians are trained to utilize an Integrated Pest Management(IPM) approach to controlling pests in and around your home or busines.



To provide the best quality solution through our trained personnel who will conduct the best treatment to manage your pest control issues in an ethical and timely manner.



Our vision is to provide peace-of mind to the metropolitan Washington, D.C. community by protecting and preserving health and property through state-of-the-art professional pest control services for our government, commercial, and residential clients.

We Are Certified

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